Skyline V FB @ Hillcrest

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Dan Sleight


August 26, 2011


Some thoughts on the game:

Smoke is a human highlight reel.  So is Joel.  It seemed that one guy wasn't enough to bring Mitchel to the ground, in fact, I have sequences where this is clear.  With Martin, one guy wasn't even going to touch him.  I remember a few years ago thinking that Michael Berger had an insane ability to change direction.  I think Joel is even better.

Tyson Dennert looked like like a second or third year varsity starter, not a first year.  He throws the ball very well, and makes good decisions.  I was on the sideline with Jerry Weber when he threw the pick in the first half, and could only determine that the ball went where he wanted it to, I believe that was more of a miscue than an errant throw.  I also think he was good on his feet, and protected the ball well when things broke down.  I'm VERY excited to watch him this year.

I don't think it's fair to judge a defense based on the first game, especially against the sniffers.  The lack of size was evident last night.  I look forward to the next game to see how they perform running Berger's standard scheme.

Finally, Hillcrest's butt sniffing offense is even less fun to photograph than it is to watch.  I was still glad to be out shooting football!



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